Thursday, January 12, 2012

Warning Signs

One of the many tsunami markers
    I was in Miles City, Montana when that huge earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. I heard about it and was amazed at the destruction people talked about. I was amazed when I heard about the tsunami markers which were placed around the country. Big rocks which were placed as a marker of how high previous tsunamis had hit. Some of them are around 600 years old. People knew about them, but through time they began to ignore them. They ignored the warnings they had and built closer and closer to the ocean. Then disaster struck.
    Its funny how history repeats itself. When I heard about this it reminded me of the story of Jerusalem in the book of Jeremiah. The people had the commandments which in a sense are a warning sign but throughout a long period of time they weren't really paying attention to them. As well
they had Jeremiah the prophet who repeatedly warned them that they needed to repent and start keeping the commandments again, otherwise they would be destroyed. The people continuously pushed the limits which they had been given and as we read in Jeremiah ch. 39, Jerusalem was eventually destroyed.
    We have many dangerous things in this world that we have been warned about but sometimes we push the limits and justify going beyond the safe zone. That eventually can become the norm for what is "acceptable" in society. But God doesn't work that way. He will still hold us accountable for our actions and eventually we will suffer the consequences. Get to the higher ground, and don't get flooded out.

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