Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do a Barrel Roll!

    So whenever I think of my Nintendo 64 there are a few games that will always stick out to me. One of them being Star Fox 64. That game was awesome. My brother got it for Christmas one year and we spent a good amount of time playing it. It didn't take long that day to have the phrase "Do a barrel roll" embedded in my memory forever.
    Whenever Fox is in trouble Peppy is right there to help him out, but with the same advice every time. No matter what it is always "do a barrel roll!" At first it bugged me but then I figured out how to actually do a barrel roll and guess what. IT WORKS! Sometimes whenever somebody repeats something over and over it is for one of two reasons.
1. They want to annoy you.
2. It is something important.
I really don't think that Peppy is trying to just annoy Fox here. As his mentor and friend, Peppy cares about him and wants to see him through it safely. So he gives him the best advice he can, do a barrel roll.
    Can you think of times whenever someone has repeated stuff to you over and over? Because I sure can. Every six months we have the chance to listen to a prophet and apostles at General Conference. For two weekends every year we can listen to inspired men give us advice for the challenges all of us are facing. Every six months it seems that the basis of their messages are the same. Why is that? Because it is important! 

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  1. Great analogy! Doing a barrel roll and listening to modern-day prophets + apostles is definitely FTW!


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